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Our Vision, Aims & Values

Vision and Aims

We know that our children only get one chance at their education and we take very seriously our role of providing the very best possible opportunities for them to gain the most form their time here at Ashfield.

As they go through their junior years, we encourage our children to make informed choices and to become independent learners who are resilient and resourceful. As a result, children at Ashfield attain high standards in their learning and are confident, articulate and well-mannered.

“Inspiring our children to dream big, be extraordinary and change the world” is our motto; and the talented team of teachers and support staff work hard to create a positive and stimulating environment; and a curriculum which is enriched with a wide range of experiences that help our children learn and grow as individuals. Our children develop the skills they need not only for the next stage in their education, but for life in our ever-changing world.

At Ashfield we aim:

  • To inspire, challenge and support our children so that they become confident, co-operative, lifelong learners who can achieve their full potential
  • To create a secure, stable and happy environment where learning is inspirational
  • To teach and guide children by being a good role model
  • To develop citizens of the community and the wider world who have a strong sense of right and wrong, who value themselves, other people and their environment.
  • To promote a school culture where we listen to each other, work supportively as a team; and develop children’s independence and love of learning so that we can be the best that we can be.

Our Values

Learning through our four core values and having positive values modelled by the staff throughout the school creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops children’s social and relationship skills which enhance their lives.

The Ashfield children discuss our values as part of their Personal Development work and in assemblies. Our values and modelled throughout the school by staff and pupils. Children are expected to behave in accordance with our values and members of staff are continually looking out for children who demonstrate our values and reward them in our Friday Achievements Assembly.  Our four core values are respect, kindness, resilience and cooperation.

Ashfield School Rules

We have high expectations of children’s behaviour and to support them, we have 6 school rules for all children to follow.  They are:

  • Show respect
  • Be kind
  • Be resilient
  • Be cooperative
  • Work hard
  • Be safe