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Eco Council

The Eco Council have been voted in by the children in their class.   Mr Dourado meets with the Eco Council to carry out Eco activities within school.   This may include recycling (RRR), saving energy and nature activities.  In the summer term, Mr Jones meets with the Eco Council once a week to do some nature activities including wildlife, plants and gardening.

Eco Council Events

Green Day – Mrs Podro and the Eco Council would like to thank everyone who participated our Green Day. This was a fundraising event was held to buy equipment to be used for our growing beds. All children were asked to wear something green to school and bring a small donation. Money raised will be spent on buying water butts, watering cans, gardening tools, plants and seeds.

Last academic year, the Eco Council created some mini-beast hotels with Mr Jones.   All the children in the school designed ‘saving energy’ mini-posters to encourage everyone to turn lights off when the class is empty.  This year, we have looked at improving the school environment by buying plants for each classroom.

Year 3 Gigi and Roman (3L) and River and Ineya (3AC)
Year 4 Douglas and Gracie (4M) and Mia-Nevah and Sean (4V)
Year 5 Ashley and Scarlett (5A) and Lana and Kyran (5D)
Year 6 Kanniha and Isaac (6H) and James and Louis (6K)