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Service Families

We have a number of families in the Armed Forces and a number of children may join or leave Ashfield throughout the school year.   This is due mostly to the postings of Service Families who live in close proximity to the school and move in and out of the area at short notice.

We believe the key to smooth transition for children is effective communication between child, parents and staff and the creation of a positive and supportive climate for both the parent and the child.

Helping a child feel safe and able to cope with their feelings about parental absence is important to us. Please let the class teacher know if a parent is absent for a significant length of time as this can impact on behaviour. We have a number of systems in school to support children with parental absence if needed.

We also offer children the opportunity to join our Forces Club which is run by Mrs O’Mahony, one of our HLTAs.   The Forces Club gives children to take part in themed activities from the Little Troopers and the opportunity to discuss relevant information to them.  Our Forces Club meet every two weeks for 45 minutes.

Throughout the year, we invite parents in the Armed Forces to visit and talk to children in our school about different topics.

Useful Websites

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