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  • Mini Police

    On Tuesday the Police came to Ashfield to deliver a Peace Day workshop for Year 6 in preparation for secondary transition.  They focused on a number of themes including anti-social behaviour and how to keep safe.

    As part of the Mini-Police programme for Year 5, the Police also brought in some equipment including helmets and clothes for the children to wear. They also invited Year 4 and Year 3 to join them on the playground and dress up as police officers.

    However, the highlight was the speed camera which the children used to record how fast they could run! Nathaniel in Year 4 was issued with a speeding fine for clocking up an impressive 17mph!

    Thank you PC Carter for all of your help this year.

  • Year 6 Visit to Bentley Priory Museum

    This week Year 6 visited Bentley Priory museum, The Headquarters of the RAF Fighter  Command during the Battle of Britain. They learnt how the Battle of Britain was fought and won, explored how radar was used to plot enemy raids and how RAF and WRAF personnel masterminded the defence of Britain.

  • King’s Lieutenant Visit

    This week, we had a visit from representatives of the King’s Lieutenant of Hertfordshire.  Unfortunately, the Lord Lieutenant was unable to join us for the visit as he had an important meeting to attend.  However, his representatives delivered a very special assembly to support children with understanding more about the monarchy and about the Commonwealth and British Values.  After the assembly, our visitors led a workshop for Year 6 where they explored the Commonwealth Values in more detail.  It was good to see the

    children actively taking part and discussing the importance of values including: Democracy, Rule of Law, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Tolerance Respect and Understanding and Access to Health, Education and Shelter.   It was good to see and hear the children debating about the values and the significance of each of these.

  • Year 4 French Café

    French Café 6th and 7th June 2024

    Last week Year 4 hosted a delightful French Café in our dining hall, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement and community spirit. The event was a resounding success, with enthusiastic children and supportive parents in attendance.

    The French Café was inaugurated with a heart – warming performance by the children, who sang traditional songs with remarkable melody and precision. Their efforts in learning these songs added a melodious charm to the event, setting a joyful and authentic tone for the proceedings.

    Adding to the authenticity, the dining hall was transformed with French Bistro music playing softly in the background and the space adorned with bunting and the ‘tricolore’ table decorations that evoked the ambiance of a quaint French café. This immersive environment was further enriched by the children’s use of the French language. They meticulously practised their pronunciation while handing out handmade menus and taking orders from their parents, showcasing their language skills and confidence.

    The café served a delightful array of refreshments, including du chocolat chaud, du thé, du café, du jus d’orange, des croissants, des pains au chocolat, des crepes and des tartlettes. It was a wonderful sight to see everyone utilising their French language skills to the best of their ability. The children’s dedication and enthusiasm were evident and their interactions in French brought smiles and pride to many faces.

    Parents were evidently pleased with their children’s progress and confidence in French, as revealed in conversations throughout the event. Their supportive presence and positive feedback underscored the success of the French Café, highlighting the collaborative effort between school and families in fostering language learning.

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the parents who generously left donations. The success of such events is deeply rooted in the support of our parents and we are grateful for their contributions. Looking ahead, we are excited to host another French Café, eager to bring the Ashfield School community together once again in celebration of learning, culture and community spirit.

  • Year 5 Mini Police

    Year 5 delivered an assembly to parents on Tuesday showcasing what they have learnt from the Mini-Police Programme.  The themes they covered included road safety, bullying, anti-social behaviour and internet safer.  It was nice to see the children work cooperatively to deliver their message.  PC Carter was very impressed with their recall and creativity! At the end of the assembly, PC Carter presented each child with a certificate for completing the Mini-Police Programme.   Well done Year 5.

  • Year 4 Athletics – Long Jump and Shot Putt

  • Football Skills Workshop

    What a fantastic way to start the last half-term.  On Monday, we invited Ash Randall to deliver an assembly and workshop to teach them some football skills!  We had a lot of fun learning some new tricks and skills.  Ash also talked to children about having a growth mindset as it has taken A LOT of hours practising the skills, determination, hard work, perseverance and resilience to become a Guinness Book of Records holder for freestyle football Ash Randall – Freestyle Footballer & Guinness World Record Holder ( We hope that our children will be inspired by Ash and achieve their dreams and having a growth mindset.  Here are some photos of the day.


  • Games Day

    Today we celebrated games day, the children showed excellent school values throughout the day participating in a number of different games, we had a wonderful time.


  • History in Year 5

    It was lovely to see some fantastic History in Year 5 this afternoon who are learning about the Egyptians.  Their leaflets on pharaohs were excellent.  Keep up the good work.

  • Year 3 Trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum

    Year 3 had a fantastic time at the Chiltern Open Air Museum learning about the Stone Age and Iron Age.  Thank you to all the fantastic Parent helpers that came and supported us.




  • Year 4 Trip to The Verulamium

    Year 4 have had a great day visiting the Verulamium Museum in St Albans. The children had the opportunity to explore the museum galleries – The Rites and Recreation area, The Merchants and Market area, the Making a Living gallery, and to handle some Roman artefacts. We have also examined the Hypocaust (underfloor heating system) and the floor mosaics.

  • Mini Olympics!

  • Earth Day

    We’re thrilled to share that on Monday, April 22nd, Ashfield School joined in the global celebration of Earth Day. Teachers and students alike fully immersed themselves in activities aimed at raising awareness about our planet’s precious resources.

    The day began with a special assembly, where we delved into the importance of Earth’s natural resources. We discussed the ways in which humans impact the environment and the animals that call it home, prompting thoughtful reflection on our responsibilities towards them. The assembly also inspired students to explore environmental conservation further within their year groups.

    Following their research and learning, our students showcased their creativity and dedication to environmental awareness through various projects. Year 3 created informative posters highlighting the importance of the 3Rs: Recycle, reduce, reuse. In Year 4, students crafted posters and poems emphasizing the value of water conservation and ways to avoid waste. Year 5 focused on the detrimental effects of  plastic pollution, especially on marine life, and shared bold messages to encourage change. Meanwhile, Year 6 students embraced the topic of deforestation, becoming eco-superheroes as they illustrated the causes and effects through engaging cartoon strips. They also spread a powerful message about sustainable living, inspiring others to follow suit.

    We’re incredibly proud of our students’ dedication to environmental stewardship and their efforts to  make a positive impact on our world. Through their creativity and passion, they’re demonstrating the importance of caring for our planet and inspiring others to do the same.

    Thank you to all our teachers and students for their enthusiasm and commitment to Earth Day and environmental conservation. I hope your child will engage you in an interesting discussion around their learning.

  • 5A Greek Pots

    Year 5 are beginning to decorate their Greek pots . After a long wait for the kiln to cool down, they began by painting the base of their pots in a lovely bright orange. Next step, Detail!

  • Sailing

  • Axe Throwing

  • Archery

  • Rifles

  • Archery

  • Blind Trail

  • Sailing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Blind trail and obstacle course

  • Obstacle Course

    Tackling the obstacle course!

  • Obstacle Course

    A muddy start to the morning!


  • Rock Climbing

  • Blind Trail


    Muddy adventures!

  • Activities

  • Disco


    Everyone enjoyed the disco last night and there were lots of dance offs! They also enjoyed playing football.

  • Obstacle course


    We enjoyed tackling the obstacle course!

  • Rock climbing!

  • Paddle boarding


    Paddle boarding this morning. Most of up even managed to stand up!

  • Obstacle course

    Fun morning completing the obstacle course

  • Caving Fun

  • Giant Canoe


    We’re at the giant canoe activity this morning.  The weather’s great and the children are having a great time!


  • Caving

    Ready for caving!

  • High Ropes in the Dark!

    Very proud to see our Year 6 complete the high ropes

  • Manor Adventure Olympics

    The longest line wins!

  • Manor Adventure Olympics

    Fun games to build team building skills with a competitive edge


  • Manor Adventure


    Year 6 have arrived safely at Manor Adventure.


  • Year 4 DT

    As part of DT this term, Year 4 have been adapting a simple recipe and creating their own cookies. This Tuesday we worked with Chris and Chrissie, both a part of the Caterlink team, who helped the children bring their recipes to life.  The children revelled in the opportunity to be creative, producing lots of different shapes, sizes and tastes! It was a fun filled afternoon with lots of learning; evaluating what went well, and what needs to be better next time. Well done Year 4!


  • Welcome to Ashfield Junior School Blog

    Welcome to our new school blog.

    This blog will be uploaded with photos and information about school events and activities.  We hope that you enjoy this.