Earth Day

We’re thrilled to share that on Monday, April 22nd, Ashfield School joined in the global celebration of Earth Day. Teachers and students alike fully immersed themselves in activities aimed at raising awareness about our planet’s precious resources.

The day began with a special assembly, where we delved into the importance of Earth’s natural resources. We discussed the ways in which humans impact the environment and the animals that call it home, prompting thoughtful reflection on our responsibilities towards them. The assembly also inspired students to explore environmental conservation further within their year groups.

Following their research and learning, our students showcased their creativity and dedication to environmental awareness through various projects. Year 3 created informative posters highlighting the importance of the 3Rs: Recycle, reduce, reuse. In Year 4, students crafted posters and poems emphasizing the value of water conservation and ways to avoid waste. Year 5 focused on the detrimental effects of  plastic pollution, especially on marine life, and shared bold messages to encourage change. Meanwhile, Year 6 students embraced the topic of deforestation, becoming eco-superheroes as they illustrated the causes and effects through engaging cartoon strips. They also spread a powerful message about sustainable living, inspiring others to follow suit.

We’re incredibly proud of our students’ dedication to environmental stewardship and their efforts to  make a positive impact on our world. Through their creativity and passion, they’re demonstrating the importance of caring for our planet and inspiring others to do the same.

Thank you to all our teachers and students for their enthusiasm and commitment to Earth Day and environmental conservation. I hope your child will engage you in an interesting discussion around their learning.